Why every Business Need a Blog

Why Every Business Need a Blog

why business need a blog

“Do businesses even need a blog?”,

“Small websites and business don’t need a blog”.

“Blogging is dead”.

If these are your thoughts then let me tell you why every business needs a blog even the small business needs a blog.


Having a blog not only provides a strong foundation for your marketing, but it’s also fun and inspiring – and a great way to share ideas, generates new ones, and builds a community of like-minded and engaged people.


The most common excuse for not having a blog is Blog is boring and hard to maintain, I don’t have time or skill to write a blog post. If you are still making these excuses then you are missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business.



Blogs are the new website.

Blogs will persist as it is an essential part of a website. Thousands of blog posts are published each day and over millions of people read blog posts. Blogging is alive and kicking. It is evolving to the dynamic environment.


The personal blogs are slowly declining and business blogs have taken its place. If you still think your business doesn’t need a blog. Then read this article to the end. Here are the reasons why every business needs a blog.


Build Brand & Visibility


The internet is crowded with contents. If you have a business online then the main objective is to stand out from the rest. Be visible to your audience. A Blog increases your visibility online. Update the blog page with content and keywords that are relevant to enhance your online presence.

Generate business

Blogs help to generate business. They help educates the audience by providing valuable information.

It helps to drive sales. Customers are more likely to buy after reading a related blog post. You can find yourself in this situation as you search for reviews before buying a product.

When you blog about things that are important to your customers, you show you truly care about their problems and want to use your expertise to provide solutions. That makes your readers trust you, and people are more likely to make purchases from a company they trust.




Attract New Leads

The most cost-effective way to be found online is through blogs. A blog post is rated as the most effective way to generate demand.  Interesting blog post attracts customers. A blog post with a freebies helps to get the contact details thus leads.

Companies that blog receive 67% more leads than those that don’t.  If you blog you attract more customers. Only point to keep in mind that the blog post must contain valuable information to customers that are relevant to your business



SEO Booster.

Search engines love blogs. Websites that blog have 400% more indexed pages.

The more index pages you have, the more search traffic you will receive.

It has to increase inbound links. Inbound links are one of the key factors in search engine ranking algorithm.


Return on Investment. (ROI)

It is the most cost-effective way to promote your business. The return on investment is high. Blogs are cost-effective and efficient.

The audience considers blog post has free value. Organic traffic generated by Blogs is high.

A consistent keywords rich blog with quality content will prove to an investment you won’t regret.



Blogs become a point of conservation.it acts as the voice of the business. The audience interacts with the blog post. The comment section in the blog also becomes a place of conversation between the company and the audience.

Feedbacks can be taken and analyzed according to the customer reaction to the blog. These provide opportunities to connect with the customer.

It is a great way for customers to leave a comment about your business. Marketing strategies can be made as per customer engagement and feedback.

If you have any suggestions for the blog then feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section.


Build Email Database

People aren’t going to just give away their email. Blog Page act as a point of data collection. If people find the content to be useful and relevant then they are more likely to subscribe or give their email addresses. This helps to build your email database. It is a much-needed component for email marketing and conversion.



Website is more mechanical. They lack a human touch. Blog post attracts like-minded individuals.  The blog post only contains keywords but it also reflects emotions and passion. It helps to cultivate a more personal connection with the readers and it can be targeted towards a particular segment of the audience.

By providing site visitors with useful and accurate information you will be able to build trust and trust equals to lead and leads converts to sales.



It is much easier to convert a reader into a lead and then into a sale.  A website that blog are much likely to convert their audience that those that don’t. A blog helps to turn a visitor into a customer. It also helps to retain old customers as the blog post will entertain and engage the customers.

Blogs can also convert customers to brand advocates. Constantly update the company news through blogs and discuss customer feedback and make them feel involved and this generates trust and loyalty.


Generate Content.

Quality content with relevant keywords is the king now. Blogs help to get your content sorted. A blog post can be converted to eBooks and videos. Customer feedback will help to generate more ideas for the content. The more content attracts more visitors.

 Content creates more content.  If you start writing after a good research, more related contents will pop up.



The basic idea about blogging is to educate the customer. It brings value to the visitors. Blog post shows people that you or your company is an expert in this field. It builds authority and credibility.

People researching in this industry will stumble upon your website due to the blog post. It not only educates the audience but you will also learn valuable info in the process.



Blogging is essential to digital marketing efforts. It provides content for your website, your social media platforms, and your email newsletters. Here are the  Advantage or Benefits of having a business blog:

  • Improves Online Presence and SEO
  • Blogging is an established long term marketing method to drive long term traffic to your site.
  • A business blog brings new visitors to the blog while sustaining existing visitors.
  • It will make you an expert in the field and educate your audience thus establishing a domain authority
  • Business blog post convert readers into customer
  • Engaging, valuable and informative content builds trust with the audience. It starts a conversation with visitors.
  • It creates credibility and brand loyalty.


Hope you got the answer to the question: “Why every Business website Need a Blog?”

If you have any suggestion please let me know in the comments. Have a great day.

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